Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Lincoln Artists' Market

It was the Lincoln Artists' Market yesterday, and although it was freezing temperatures (I had to make a call for emergency thermal socks, or I'd be at risk of losing a toe), and the English drizzle was threatening to ruin our work, it was actually a pretty good turn out. The Hill and the rain didn't stop those keen to snap up a treasure, coming to browse all the beautifully stocked stalls, located at the Castle Gate in Lincoln. If you missed the market this time, the next one will be on the 7th of April. I won't be there again until May the 5th (hopefully the sun will be shining, and there won't be a need for emergency thermal socks). So there's more opportunity to purchase original artwork, or beautifully crafted items. hope to see you there!

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  1. As an artist myself, I enjoy reading Philip Koch's sensitive writing about Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, who along
    with Whistler and Rothko, are my favorite American painters.

    I don't live in the United States but have traveled and passed a short time there. But even with the little time spent
    in your beautiful country, especially in small-town America, I can relate to some of the poetical feel that Hopper and
    Wyeth had captured in their art, which is for me part of the attraction of their paintings.

    Browsing at wahooart.com the other day, as I do now and then, I find a good selection of Edward Hopper's work,
    http://EN.WahooArt.com/@/EdwardHopper ,in the
    big archive of Western Art, that customers can order online for canvas prints and even hand-painted, oil-painting
    reproductions can be made and sent to them.

    Hopper's surrealistic and depersonalized world is there again. Timeless, yes, as it is still there now in the roadside cafes
    and diners that I ate at all over America.