Thursday 29 December 2011

Christmas Pigeon Post

Ever wondered how your letters to Santa get delivered each year? Well, you know all the little pigeons that are nesting up in your chimney? They've been waiting all year long ready for their big moment. When christmas time approaches, and you've thought long and hard about what you'd like Santa to bring and written him a long letter. The pigeons swoop down, scroll up your letter and fly it all the way to the north pole... But little children seem to want more and more and more each year, so the poor little pigeons are beginning to struggle. So next time you see a pigeon scrounging around for a fallen chip or scrap of bread, and if you happen to be munching on a hot sausage roll or a cornish pastry, or anything just as tasty, throw some down for the poor little fella. They need their energy for the christmas delivery flight!

Saturday 10 December 2011


This is a little illustration I did just yesterday for 'Illustration Friday'. The theme was 'Brigade'. I really wanted to experiment with the body movements of the characters and how they would interact with the pole.