Monday 30 December 2013

Poodles adventure in Rome

At the beginning of the month, myself and my husband flew to Rome for a long weekend. I took a sketch book with me, but decided not to document Rome through my eyes, but through Poodles. He spent the whole trip tucked safely in my bag with his little head popping out. This blog is dedicated to Poodle and his adventure in Rome.
"We had Pizza everyday! Some with tiny fish! The ice cream was the best I've ever eaten (and I've eaten quite a lot!) Down nearly every street there were real life nuns!"
"I went through an XRay machine at the place with lots of candles and people praying. Outside we ate a yummy panini"
"People kept trying to sell us things, especially scarves, I don't really like scarves. We saw where the Gladiators fight too!"
"I sat on a very very old rock and we saw more nuns. There was lots of people buying bags outside a big old building. I ate some more ice cream. Then a man got told off for taking a picture of a ceiling, weird!"

Patchy Poodle, Rome, 2013.