Sunday 28 July 2013

Jet Bike Safari

So, we've just got back from our summer holiday in the Canary Islands. We travelled with the whole family, my sister and her husband, my husband and my mom. We spent most days lazing on the beautiful beach or relaxing by the pool reading, but by the last day my husband was itching to do something a little more adventures. I'd never been on a Jet Bike before, but as my husbands Australian, and grew up doing water-sports, he assured me I'd be fine. We signed up to do a Jet Bike safari, first to see Los Gigantis and then to see the whales and dolphins. The safari started out great, we left the beach doing around 25 miles an hour which was great, I loved it! Then, without any warning, we speed up to 50 miles an hour! I've never felt such terror and such joy all at the same time, it was scarely fantastic. We saw a school of dolphins playing around a boat, then right near us, about 10 meters away from our Jet Bikes, a whale! I would recommend this trip to anyone visiting Tenerife, it was something I will never ever forget.

Friday 5 July 2013



This weeks Illustration Friday word is 'Equality'. I immediately thought of my sister and brother-in-law. They share everything equally so nobody ever feels without. This comes into full action when they serve up a yummy meal, they make sure everybody has exactly the same amount of food on their plate. The same number of potato wedges, an equal amount of chicken pieces in a chicken madras, a proportionate measure of vegetables on a Sunday roast. It doesn't matter what gender or size you are, all servings will be one and the same. Sharing is caring!

I'm working on a story featuring a fare few mice at the moment, so I thought I'd use them to illustrate this weeks word.