Wednesday 21 January 2015

The Recycled Village

Here the tale of Mr Squirrel and Little Mouse continues...

After working all through the night, they were excited to take the recycled house to Mr Squirrel  who must be so very cold right now!

When he opened the gift, he couldn't believe his eyes. His very own home. Mr Squirrel couldn't thank Little Mouse enough.

Mr Squirrel lit the fire and snuggled up with his favourite book, he couldn't remember the last time he felt so toasty and warm.

There was a knock at the door. Little Mouse had come to visit. He had brought a box full of lovely christmas decorations.

Together they began to decorate Mr Squirrels new home.

The house looked splendid, so very christmassy. They decided to write out christmas cards to all of their woodland friends.

They set out to deliver them all...

But when they got to their friends, they found that their homes had been chopped down too. Mr Squirrel and Little Mouse couldn't believe it; but they had an idea...

The woodland creatures were a little confused. What on earth where they going to do with all the rubbish that Mr Squirrel and Little Mouse had forraged?

But as they set to work it soon became clear...

With all the unwanted things that people had thrown away, they made their very own recycled village. Each little woodland creature who had lost their home, now had a new, very unique little recycled house of their own.