Thursday, 12 July 2012

Goodies Sweet Shop - Lincoln

"What to Choose? What to Choose?"

Chocolate bon bons, humbugs, chocolate orange nibble, dark chocolate coated ginger, cola cubes, sherbet lemons, coconut mushrooms, rum balls, rhubarb and custard, peanut brittle, cinder toffee, chocolate covered peanuts, liquorice, white chocolate mice, milk chocolate mice, the choices go on and on...

It is hard not to have the biggest smile on your face when you're inside the wonderful Goodies Traditional Sweet Shop. The shelves are stacked floor to ceiling with jars full of delicious treats. In-between the traditional beams are rows and rows of candy canes, all different flavours. It is a feast for both the eyes and the belly!

I really wanted to capture the nostalgia of the shop. The window displays chocolate boxes and sweet tins from times gone by. The till and weighing scales would be at home in the Lincolnshire Museum of Life. And the setting of the building itself, with it's low ceiling and thick beams, placed on the beautiful cobbled street that is Steep Hill. I hope that the illustration reflects this successfully! 


  1. Just beautiful! I particularly love these street scapes, so cool! I think you captured the nostalgia perfectly.

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! If you've ever visited Steep Hill in Lincoln you'd understand the importance of the nostalgia, it's like walking through a Dickens novel!